Ice Boxes

Techni Ice Classic series

The Techni Ice classic series are the original cooler series that the company built its cooler reputation on. They have enjoyed various upgrades over the years and are now even better than they were before, which was very good. A great performing robust cooler for the whole family comes with the Techni Ice lifetime parts and labour guarantee. The Classic series come in the biggest series of size from 40 Ltr though to a massive 1100Ltr.

Signature series series by Techni Ice

The new signature series ice boxes were designed from the outset to outperform every other ice box the world size for size, including what were America’s and Australia’s best coolers. The new Techni Ice signature series of ice boxes are currently the world’s best. Even the smaller models have been designed with 7cm walls, which is around twice as thick as traditional commercial coolers, and easily outperform both Roto mould and fibre glass coolers size for size. The signature series have ground breaking performance and design features including dual air lock seals, 50mm insulated bungs and unmatched performance. Naturally the signature series are the only ice box you will ever need and come with the Techni Ice parts and labour lifetime warranty.

Compact series

These boxes are designed as multipurpose air tight and water container and a fully insulated ice box for keeping food and drinks hot or cold. They are of very high quality construction and are designed to keep cold for 1-3 days thus making them ideal for short trips, BBQ's etc, The compact series have a proper compression rubber seal, stainless steel latches, a strong detachable webbing shoulder strap plus a lift out carry handle and removable ice tray. These compact series have already developed a big market in Japan and America as pathology boxes and are also very popular with consumers looking for a well made multipurpose box that is much better engineered than what is generally available to consumers.

Techni Ice high performance cooler bags

The Techni Ice performance cooler bags were released as a purpose built high performance alternative to regular consumer market cooler bags. They have double thickness walls and lids containing high grade insulation, and high quality heavy duty zips, not to mention a proper base and rubber feet. If you are looking for a well built cooler bag that actually keeps cold as they should, then this is the cooler bags for you.

Techni Ice is a division of Global National Group and specialize in iceboxes are cold chain solution. Techni Ice also have the Largest range of Production Ice boxes in the world. Techni Ice ice boxes are designed and Constructed to operate in the world harshest climates. These High Quality products are now available direct from the Techni Ice Australia and through its subsidiaries and network worldwide.