Australia No.1 Selling Proven Tested & Preferred Brand

Techniice currently carry the largest range of ice boxes in the Southern Hemisphere!! and is Australia’s No 1 Rated, No 1 Selling, Tested, Proven and Preferred Brand. Techniice can custom Brand these ice boxes with your choice of design , colour & sizes. Techniice are a one Stop Solution for your Promotions, with an In-house Graphic design team , Techniice can also assist you with designs & Marketing Material for your promotion. Techniice offer end to end Logistics including warehousing and distribution delivering the merchandise to your offices / Stores or even individual customers / Staff around the country. With such a wide range of products you can be rest assured that we have tailor made promotional merchandise solution that will suit your requirement.

We Also Offer Promotional Dry Ice Gel Packs, Tool Boxes, BBQ Trailers, Drink Dispensers & Other Camping Gear.

We Can OFFER YOU THE Most Competitive Pricing

1. Custom Built Ice Box BBQ trailers to serve for upto 300 people at events built and branded to your specifications
2. Currently the world's Best Ice Keeping Box size for size in the world the 2013 Techniice Signature Series
3. End to end logistics for delivery across Australia or through our network across the world
4. In house graphic design team for 1st class creative branding solutions
5. Quality products for quality companies.

Custom Branding Promotional Cooler Bags

Another cost effective solution techniice also offer are promotional High performance promotional cooler bags. These make great lunch , BYO , BBQ and Beach coolers. The New cooler bags have tripple thickness insulated walls and lids compared to regular cooler bags, plus high quality insulation, and make a useful staff or customer incentive which people can really use in their day to day life. Techniice promotional Merchandise can even be sold at a discounted price to your patrons which will allow you to make a profit while also benefiting your company's marketing campaign. If Your Company is at a trade fair, these Iceboxes or Cooler bags can draw in potential customers and they can be given away as promotional prizes at the end of the fair and to contain your Brochures and products samples. Techni Ice only offer the products that are regarded as the best in the market and stand by the quality of the product. All Techni Ice promotional merchandise come with a replacement warranty, You can be assured that you are putting your brand on a quality product and you are giving your customers and staff a quality product which comes with great aftersales service, and reflects the quality of your company. These Iceboxes are durable and will withstand years of use and wear and tear thereby promoting your company message for years . When given out as staff incentives, promotional ice boxes will actually improve moral and loyalty because they are useful products which are often used in high visibility situations like BBQ's, football, functions, etc that takes your brand into the public arena unlike traditional promotional trinkets such as pens and mugs. Techniice offer several solutions for branding including permanent graphic printing, High quality Stickers , Rubber Logos etc. to ensure these mobile billboards for your business work a treat

We Also Offer Promotional Dry Ice Gel Packs, Tool Boxes, BBQ Trailers, Drink Dispensers & Other Camping Gear.

So Look No Further , Just email us your Company logo with your requirement so we can offer your tailor a Cost effective Promotional Solutions which have great visual appeal and endless potential.
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