Dog Bowls

The new Techni Ice stainless steel dog bowls have been developed to outperform all existing dog bowls on the market. Backed by over 3 decades of thermal product development and a very long history of caring for and supporting all kinds of domestic and farm animals, you owe it to yourself to treat your pet to a Techni Ice dog bowl. The thermal ability of these sturdy food and water bowls to keep your dogs water and food cool or warm is second to none. Available in several sizes, they include deep bowls that hold a full day of water kept nice and cold or are great for enthusiastic eaters that normally get more food on the floor than in the bowl. These are bowls that don’t slide all over the place and stay put. They are seriously Techni Ice tough for adventurous families and pets. The best part is that they are 18/8 stainless steel, can be washed with a hose or go into the dishwasher, and are fitted with a Pegrip non-slip ring embedded into the base of the bowl. Now that is tough!

Techni Ice overengineered, not overpriced.