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Techni Ice

Hot and Cold Food Carrier

Hot and Cold Food Carrier
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  • Includes: Detachable Food Carrier lid and body, 3 stainless steel containers with plastic lids, 1 plastic snack containers with lids and detachable lift handle

    • The most comfortable and easiest way to keep food hot or cold for longer time
    • Specially built inner body of food grade stainless steel
    • Ideal for carrying pies, pasta, soup, rice and etc. to make meal time enjoyable on outing or at work place.
    • Fresh & healthy way of carrying food

    External dimensions:

    21 cm Diameter x 29.5 cm Height

    Internal dimensions:

    Body: 17.3 cm Diameter x 17.4 cm Height

    Lid: 17.3 cm Diameter x 5 cm Height

    3 stainless steel containers

    16 cm Diameter x 6.3 cm Height