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Techni Ice Signature Hardcore Icebox 75L Light Blue Wheels *PREORDER FOR JULY DISPATCH *FREE 12 REUSABLE DRY ICE PACKS VALUES $59.95

Techni Ice Signature Hardcore Icebox 75L Light Blue Wheels *PREORDER FOR JULY DISPATCH *FREE 12 REUSABLE DRY ICE PACKS VALUES $59.95
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  • Size 75L
    External Dimensions (L x W x H) 87 x 43 x 45 cm
    Base External Dimensions (L x W) 87 x 43 cm
    Internal Dimensions (L x W x H) 71 x 31 x 35 cm
    Internal Wheel Arches Allow for the wheel arch thickness on the base
    Weight 19 kg
    Outer Casing High density polyethylene
    Insulation Density High pressure injected Multi compound closed cell PU

    Experience the great Aussie outdoors with Techni Ice's 75L high performance cooler, boasting a massive 75-litre capacity. Perfect for weekend barbies, fishing trips, or camping adventures, this cooler has been designed using closed cell compound PU insulation injected under high pressure to ensure maximum possible ice retention that our customers expect from the legendary Aussie Techni Ice brand .

    It is designed with the Australian lifestyle in mind so we have used light coloured heat reflective colours such as light blue, white and marble for longer ice retention on scorching hot Aussie summer days instead of heat absorbing colours like dark greys which reduces a coolers ice keeping ability. The Techni Ice taller build ensures ease of use, and the robust, eco-friendly roto-moulded LLDPE construction guarantees durability for all your adventures. The extra-thick walls are packed with polyurethane foam insulation injected under high pressure to keep your drinks and food chilled for longer. Plus, it comes with a pair of built-in stainless steel bottle openers, a handy fish-measuring ruler, and secure interlocking latches. Techni Ice have even used a stainless steel axle and stainless steel locknuts on the wheels.

    Transportation is a breeze, thanks to the heavy-duty wheels, nylon-rope handles, and a collapsible pull handle. The clever design features recessed sides for easy lifting and an indented front for stress-free lid opening. More than just a cooler, it’s a multi-functional tool that can also serve as a non-slip bench, tabletop, or cutting board. Ready for any off-grid adventure, the Techni Ice cooler is your perfect companion.

    Pack it up, head out, and enjoy the great Australian outdoors with Techni Ice!

    Key Features:

    • 60mm thick wall

    Roto-moulded technology for rugged durability

    • Superior insulation with pressure-injected PU foam in walls and lid

    • Airtight lid gasket to maintain cool temperatures

     Capacity to hold up to 96 regular cans

    • Heavy duty wheels and rubber feet

    • Dual built-in stainless steel bottle openers for condensation

     Quick-drain water release valve for easy maintenance 

    • Rope handles – save bending over

    • Unique Quad-Latch system

    • Stainless steel latches plus latest super resilient silicone meul rubberized pull downs for increased performance and lid stability

    • Recessed fridge seal

    • Weight bearing construction

    • Built in Pad lock options and bottle opener

    • 10 year peace of mind Techni Ice Warranty 

    • Divider and basket compatible (sliding basket available at extra cost)

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