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Techni Ice Commercial 400L *PREORDER FOR JULY DISPATCH

Techni Ice Commercial 400L *PREORDER FOR JULY DISPATCH
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  • Size 400L
    External Dimensions 85 x 112 x 81 cm (W x L x H)
    Base External Dimensions 76 x 106 cm (W x L)
    Internal Dimensions 67 x 94 x 70 cm (W x L x H)
    Outer Casing High density polyethylene
    Insulation Density High pressure injected Multi compound closed cell PU
    Weight 40 kg


    Techni ice Classic Range of Iceboxes are designed with a NEW DUAL SEAL feature designed to create airlock between two seals.

    Lid Handle
    Techni ice Classic Series Ice Boxes are designed with Handles on the Lid, which helps to lift the lid when there is undue suction from the vacuum in the box.


    Techni ice Classic Series Iceboxes are injected with HIGH DENSITY MULTI COMPOUND POLYURETHANE INSULATION injected under high pressure into the walls and double thickness lids for stunning Ice performance.

    Pad Lock Option
    The classic Iceboxes are designed with a PAD LOCK OPTION to secure your food and drinks or for secure storage when used as storage box.

    Bung / Drain Plug
    Techni ice classic iceboxes come with a LARGE BUNG WITH ‘O’ RING threaded to fit a water tap to turn your icebox into a drink dispenser or garden hose fitting to drain water .

    Techni ice use a UNIQUE QUAD LATCH SYSTEM stainless steel latches plus Constant Pressure Pull downs for increased performance and lid stability over 32 °C.

    The Classic Model sports fully moulded hinges with corrosion resistant pins to withstand years of use in the tough Australian outback or out in the sea. For Additional Support the boxes come with MARINE GRADE ROPE RESTRAINTS to take strain off the moulded hinges when the lid is opened. Some companies don't offer these ropes to cut costs.

    Food Grade Liner
    The Classic Model Boasts a SEPARATE HIGH QUALITY FOOD GRADE INNER LINER to make your food safe from harmful chemicals . Costs more to make them like this but worth it.

    The Techni ice Classic iceboxes come with DOUBLE THICKNESS LID to provide double insulation from the top where most radiant heat enters the Box.


    TOUGH FULL LENGTH WHITE SKIDS on the bottom on all models and additional side skids on 100Ltr model and above to prevent scuffing in trailers, Boats and roof racks.

    Did you know?

    Techni ice is the actual brand used by Department of Defense, CFA, SES, Police, Ambulance, Qantas, Air France, KLM, Dept. of Primary industries, Royal Flying Doctor Service, McDonalds, Australian Navy, Air Force, Coles and thousands of other companies and government departments worldwide that require the highest level of cold chain performance and reliability.