Reusable Dry Ice Packs

Techni Ice Reusable Dry Ice Packs / Gel Packs

This new 2013 model release of the 4 ply Techni Ice Dry ice pack stays frozen longer, hydrates quicker and runs dryer than ever before!Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs 4ply comprises of 2 non-woven textile layers, which encapsulate a specially formulated cross-linked polyacrylate polyalcohol co-polymer refrigerant combined with a post treated trade secret formula which has been patened world wide.

An additional 2 heavy duty plastic layers, containing a one-way micro perforation technology are bonded to the textile layers. This ensures that this new model can withstand the harshest of operational climates with performance that can only be described as revolutionary.

From a Flat Sheet to the World's Best Ice Pack Just Add Water!


Techni Ice reusable dry ice pack / gel pack, normal gel pack and dry ice

A remarkable leap forward in ice pack technology utilising a cross-linked polyacrylate polymer that can be frozen right down to minus 190C (that's more than twice as cold as dry ice).

Techni Ice reusable ice packs / gel ice packs are often frozen in blast freezers to minus 80C when used in dry ice applications.

New Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs HDR model can be used very successfully even when frozen in domestic household freezers. Techni Ice dry ice packs / gel packs will freeze between minus 18Cand minus 21C when the freezer is adjusted to the maximum setting as opposed to ice or conventional gel packs which only go down to around Minus 1C.

If you have a vertical domestic freezer with at least 2 or 3 refrigerated shelves and you fill the freezer completely with Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs, then Techni ice packs / gel packs will often double the freezer temperature within 1 week to up to minus 35C. Many customers are now using cheaper domestic freezers with Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs to enable them to have a portable thermal energy scource to keep ice boxes etc much colder for much longer..

Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / ice gel packs start as a flat sheet and absorb water through a special one way perforation technology in the surface of the product. This is achieved by scrunching the sheets between your hands whilst immersed in warm water for a few minutes until the air bubbles have escaped. The hydration process will now begin and the cells will swell ready for the products to be used both cold and hot.

The water enters through the surface and activates the polymer, which then swells the sheet into 24 individually sealed cells which enables the product to be flexible when frozen and cut to size.

Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs can be used hot, cold or frozen and can be used to keep your food and drinks icy cold for days on end in your cooler. Techni Ice is also affective at reducing battery consumption when placed in 12 volt fridge/freezers due to its eutectic qualities, which minimise thermostat activity.

Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs retail packaging come in packs of one, three or six sheets ready to hydrate and also come in cases of 250 sheets or 9000 sheets per pallet for commercial uses.

Factory certification of ISO-9001 ensures that our Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs product are manufactured to the highest international standards. Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs are a certified food safe product manufactured in Australia, using cutting edge technology and machinery and processes that are currently the most advanced in the world.

Techni Ice proudly manufactured in Australia under quality Certification ISO 9001

FDA approved - Techni Ice is one of the few ice packs in the world to gain full FDA approval for safe use with food and perishables.

Techni Ice is now replacing dry ice on aircraft as the refrigerant of choice in the airline industry.(Pictured here is JetStar Airlines (Qantas) )

Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs - 4 ply

Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs comprise two outer layers of printed PET/LDPE blended laminate, which gives the product its printability and heat sealability, whist remaining completely non-toxic and food safe. There are another two inner layers which comprise a high strength spun bonded synthetic fibre non-woven fabric which incorporates a high degree of strength and abuse resistance.

The super-absorbent polymer is a cross-linked polyacrylate copolymer, these types of polymers absorb many, many times their own weight in water in addition to their contribution as an innovative technology refrigerant when combined with the Techni Ice refrigerant post treatment.

The new model Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs HDR model are available in bulk pallets of up to 9,000 sheets per pallet, or in cartons of 250 sheets for trade uses and in the consumer market in retail packs of one, three and six sheets for use in domestic ice boxes by customers upgrading from conventional gel packs or ice.

New Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / reusable gel ice packs HDR ice packs are the next technological step in ice replacement. Water is hydrated into a polymeric construction. This allows the water to attain a coherent structure giving it a smaller surface area, which it is able to maintain throughout its energy transfer time frames. Wet ice however increases its surface area/unit mass ratio with time, which in turn dramatically increases its rate of energy release.


Another area that aids the coolant properties of Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs HDR model, is the substrates that encompass the hydrated and frozen polymer. These combined technologies add to the controlled release of the coolant over a period.The cellular configuration of Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / ice pack gel HDR model gives a regulated liberation of cooling capacity over a large surface area, which creates the ideal ice replacement.

--- Car fridge freezers ---

Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs can be used by placing one or two sheets in a 12V fridge/freezer to effectively reduce battery consumption and increase general efficiency due to the eutectic quality of Techni Ice compounds.

When Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / ice gel pack are used in this manner it can also be left in the fridge/freezer whilst the power is turned off overnight to further reduce battery consumption whilst still maintaining basic refrigeration.

This also enables the Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / dry ice gel packs to be placed in a separate ice box for use when away from the vehicle or boat, etc.