About us

Who Are We?

Techniice is 100% Australian owned and manufactures some of the highest quality, reusable refrigerant products available! We pride ourselves on our affordable, unique and superior designs distributing the Australian quality standard internationally!Our team is based in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston, as well as operations in Miami, Florida USA.

With many years in manufacturing the very best in ice retention products, our industry awards reflect the level of quality and customer satisfaction we so strongly strive to provide. Our achievements in past years for our Signature Series Ice Boxes include:

  • Australia Winner - Best Ice Keeper - “Choice”
  • New Zealand Winner - Best Ice Keeper - “Consumer”
  • UK Winner - Best Ice Keeper - “Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome”

The Company's History

Since beginning in Melbourne in 1984, Techni Ice has been a division of Global National Australia Group. Now with over three decades of developing refrigerant technologies and cold chain solutions, Techni Ice remains a leader in the Australian and International commercial and consumer markets.

After the introduction of the revolutionary re-usable dry ice packs, Techni Ice began developing high-performance ice boxes, high-performance 4X4 portable fridge freezers and even thermal swags.

Our Reputation

By ever-strengthening our international supply networks, it's safe to say that Techni Ice has successfully earned an international reputation. The company now spans across the globe, supplying products to over 50 countries.

Our Clients

Our clients know they can depend on Techni Ice products and technology to succeed in some of the world’s most challenging applications including industries such as aviation, mining, hospitality, medical and cold-chain delivery and even defense departments.

Some of our valued clients include McDonalds, Qantas, Jetstar, Meals on Wheels, BHP, Air France, BHP, KLM, SES, The Department of Defense and Pizza Hut. Techni Ice was also chosen for the Atlanta and Beijing Olympics.

Community Presence

Whenever approached to assist with a testing situation, our team remains solution focused to meet the challenge.

When Australia pioneered the first hand transplant, a Techni Ice cooler was trusted to get the donor hand to the operating theatre at the required temperature. Techni Ice also developed specialized medical coolers for the St Vincent’s Hospital Heart Transplant Unit. When it comes to critical temperature control for organ transplant, Techni Ice is the go-to brand when failure is not an option.

What we can do for you

Fast Delivery

Techni Ice are renowned for our timely and convinient, international and domestic processing and delivery- Some of our distribution partners include Toll IPEC/Priority, Australia Post, DHL International and UPS

Quality Assurance

A global reputation for the best ice retention products available, Techni Ice products are manufactured in ISO9001 quality certified facilities. Our products are backed by the industry's best quality guarantee! Warranty and guarantees:

  • Lifetime Guarantee- Signature, Classic and Chilly Chest Ice Boxes

Customer Care

We are continuing to work towards our aim of 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call today and speak to our friendly customer service team!

  • Fast response times
  • In store, online and phone support 7 days a week