Chilly Chest Range

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  1. Techni Ice Chilly Chest Range Ice box 50L Yellow

    Techni Ice Chilly Chest Range Ice box 50L Yellow

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9 Reasons why Chilly Chest Ice Box!

• Superior Ice retention- thicker walls, base and lid with better insulation- keeps ice frozen longer
• Superior design features- recessed latches, handles- strength and less chance of breakage or scratching
• Marine Grade Stainless Steel Latches- safe for ocean lovers and outdoor use
• Plastic Welded Hinges- superior to pop rivetted or screwed hinges
• White Skids- minimizing wear on the base of the ice box and less likely to mark surfaces
• 7 years manufacturers warranty- peace of mind that you have a quality product that will last
• Commercial Refrigeration Grade Seal- better insulation and longer ice retention- keep your load chilli!
• Large Threaded Bung Drain- 'lowest point' drainage & the ability to connect a garden hose or tap
• Built to last- built tough with superior materials- this is the best of ice boxes with great performance

Techniice Australia are always on the look out to acquire companies and products that fit the high standards and innovation levels that Techni Ice customers expect of the Techniice brand. Chilly Chest was one such brand, and are an absolute credit to those involved in the design and manufacture of this remarkable range of ice boxes. The Chilly Chest range were considered the best ice box in the market up until TechniiIce released its signature range in 2013 and still remains a formidable cooler both in Australia and various countries around the world. A great virtually destructible very high performance cooler.