Techni Ice Chilly Chest Range Ice box 50L

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The Techniice Chilly Chest Range are second only to the Techniice Signature range. The Chilly Chest 50L has 40mm walls and 75mm lid, injected with the highest density Polyurethane multi-compound insulation. Until the release of the Signature Series recently, the Chilly Chest range were considered the best ice keeping box in Australia and are still a formidable competitor in the world ice box market.

Chilly Chest Model  External Dimension  Internal Dimension 
50L 46 x 59 x 44 cm 35 x 47 x 33 cm
75L 48 x 76 x 45 cm 38 x 64 x 31 cm
100L 54 x 82 x 54 cm 40 x 68 x 40 cm
125L 59 x 87 x 55 cm 46 x 68 x 41 cm
150L 59 x 100 x 55cm 46 x 81 x 41 cm

Chilly Chest range is able to keep ice frozen for 11 days in the 50 litre and 16 days in the 100 litre. This is due to the extra materials that go into our Chilly Chests, making them so strong and so well insulated. Please take a look.  You'll be amazed:

Chilli Chest 50L Features:

- Highest density Polyurethane multi-compound insulation 40mm thick walls and 75mm lid

- Recessed strong molded handles

- Strong integrated self supporting hinges

- Large bung drain, threaded to fit garden hose connection

- Strong one piece mold

- Thicker, wider commercial grade lid seal

- Extra thick walls & lid

- Stainless steel latches

- White skids on base for reduced marking and wear

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