4WD Fridge/ Freezer 42L (6 Year Warranty) *Mid-December Dispatch

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Why Techniice?

- Peace of Mind - 6 Year National Warranty (3 yrs parts & labour and a further 3 yrs parts only) with service agents across Australia
- Danfoss Compressor, coupled with Quality Electronics
- Copper Evaporator to ensure long working life
- Thick Insulation - Thick Techniice Specification multi compound PU to the cabinet and lid which greatly reduces compressor activity and minimizes battery drain.
- Techniice is a Trusted Australian Owned and Operated Company, operating 31 years.

Peace of mind:
When you buy a Techniice fridge freezer, you will have a unit that in our view is better than the other 2 market leaders: better insulated, Danfoss compressor coupled with quality electronics and 6 year warranty (3 yrs parts & labour and a further 3 yrs parts only) with one of the largest service national networks. Length of warranty is usually an indication of the fridge quality.  Quality, Reliability, Performance, Longevity Australia's best fridge warranty…… When you’re miles from nowhere and your bargain fridge breaks down, you will wish you had bought a Techniice fridge. Believe me!!

Size 42L
External Dimensions 36.4 X 68 X 51.5 cm / 14.4 X 26.8 X 20.3 inch (WxLxH)
Temperature range 10°C ~ -22°C
Voltage AC 220~240V/ 50Hz or 115V/60Hz
Weight 23.5kg /51.8lbs
Insulation Density High density moulded polystyrene foam

42L Portable fridge freezer with  Danfoss Compressor | Copper Evaporator | Light with Auto SwitchAdjustable Basket

  • High end fridges built with Danfoss Compressors  ( German Compressors )
  • Copper evaporator to ensure long working life
  • They are designed to run on economy mode and power mode. Economy mode draws less power and takes a little longer to cool down , the power mode freezes quicker and draws slightly more power
  • High quality Fridge Gasket seal
  • Built in 240 Volt adaptor
  • 6 YEAR WARRANTY  (3 years parts and labour and further 3 years parts only) - By far the highest in the industry

In sync with our iceboxes, we are using polyurethane to insulate your fridge / freezer to get the maximum performance out of the Danfoss compressors, extending battery life and keeping your product cooler for longer.

Power Supply Options:

With our in built 12v / 24v and 240v connections, you can use your fridge / freezer when connected to mains or when mobile in most vehicles including trucks, 4x4’s and boats making it a very versatile option for keeping your product cold. Both connections can be plugged in simultaneously and can interchange depending on the available source.

Temperature settings and battery protection system:

The Techniice Powder Coated Portable Car Fridge/ Freezers have been designed to range between 10 degrees C and -22 degree C which is adjustable on your display panel settings. We also give our customers the option to set your battery protection level at 10.0, 10.7 or 11.8 volts DC to prevent draining the battery source. This level is adjustable on the display panel and it ensures that there is sufficient battery power to re-start vehicles etc and not leave you stranded.


Our Powder Coated Portable Car Fridge/ Freezers have been designed with your well-being in mind. As part of this, we have installed a safety alarm that is set off if the fridge / freezer lid is left open. This simple audio indication will highlight that the lid is still open to prevent the spoiling of your product. For our customers, we have endeavoured to make a fridge / freezer available that is almost unheard during its operation. The efficiency and design of our Danfoss compressors will have your fridge / freezer running at optimum performance while offering customer comforts that Techniice is renowned for.

Did you know?

Techniice is the actual brand used by Department of Defence, CFA, SES, Police, Ambulance, Qantas, Air France, KLM, Dept of Primary industries, Royal Flying Doctor Service, McDonalds, Australian Navy, Air Force, Coles and thousands of other companies and  government departments worldwide that require the highest level of cold chain performance and reliability.

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