Unique Portable Office Private Workstation Bag (Grey)


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The new innovative Techniice Laptop Bag is the Next Generation of Laptop Bags providing privacy, convenience and a complete solution to working on the go.

A Laptop bag that you can use comfortably but privately thanks to the innovative side privacy panels while keeping your laptop on the go and prying eyes away. The "Techniice Mobile Privacy Workstation", is able to carry and use smartphones through the touch-sensitive pocket. In addition, it can also carry PC accessories with a laptop bag which opens like origami to make it a privacy-sensitive partition that you can concentrate on work without distraction. The biggest feature is that the bag transforms into partitions and becomes a mobile workstation using a notebook PC. You can protect your privacy and quickly retrieve or use accessories such as pens, smartphones, and notebooks in the partition pocket.

Exciting Features:
  • PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY - Beneath the appearance of an incredibly functional satchel lies a mobile workstation that folds out to protect your screen from reflections and prying eyes, protecting your privacy and concentration when traveling or working in an open-plan office or during a flight, etc.
  • Flexible Pockets - There are more than 10 pockets to organize Laptop accessories, smartphones, and small items to be carried around. The luggage strap is attached to the back side, and it can be attached to the pull handle of the travel case.
  • The left wing has a transparent smartphone dedicated pocket made of material responsive to the touch panel, allowing you to operate the smartphone whilst in the pocket during PC use.
  • In the right wing, there is a small pocket into which you can insert an SD card plus a bigger pocket for larger items. Small items to be taken out immediately are put in a large pocket with an outer zipper and fixed with a stretchy strap.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Thanks to the high-quality foam inside and the world famous Japanese YKK Zips, our Techniice Next Generation Laptop bag can safely accommodate any laptop up to 15.6”. The microfiber textile keeps your notebooks and laptop absolutely scratch and dust free as you carry it effortlessly anywhere you go. These Techniice Private Workstation laptops bags are made of high-quality material and workmanship. The bag's complex assembly requires several days of craftsmanship.
  • The Soft lined laptop sleeve holds a laptop up to 15.6 inches, suitable for most MacBooks / Macbook air / Acer Chromebook / Acer Aspire / Acer Flagship / HP pavilion / Dell inspiron 15 / Dell inspiron 13 / Notebooks / Tablet / Ultrabooks / PC Computer devices / ASUS / Apple / Windows / Ipod / Netbook.

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