Finally an Ice box that Outperforms Fibreglass Ice Boxes by Miles !!!
Techniice Signature Series is Finally Here

3 Years Ago Techniice Decided to Design the  WORLD’S BEST ICE BOX and engaged a team of Renowned International Industrial Designers coupled with specialists from the Cold Chain solutions industry with expert knowledge in Thermal science. Now finally after a 3 year design and development phase this world beating ice box is finally in production with the first limited stock  now available . If you have been looking for an Icebox which can keep ice longer than Fibreglass Iceboxes and need it be stronger and more durable ... Then Look No Further... Techniice Signature Series is your answer.


These Ice boxes are Built with 70 mm walls Yes you Read it Right !! 70 mm  Walls  that is more than twice as thick as most polyethylene ice boxes, and much thicker than fibreglass ice boxes  Lids ranging from 75 mm to 90 mm !!! to Keep the Radiant Heat Away .The huge lid and walls are injected under extreme pressure with highest quality high density multi compound PU insulation.


Pad Lock Option

These Signature Series ice boxes are built with recessed Twin padlock facility for added security.


The bung is a huge 50mm diameter (about the size of a tow ball). This allows the box to be emptied quickly when leaving a camp site especially as there could be still many large chunks of ice left after weeks of camping that can be emptied through this bung.


This box incorporates a fully moulded and integrated hinge system designed to last for a life time even in commercial applications.


Dual Air Lock Seal System comprises one EVAS Seal plus a Rubber Fridge Gasket Seal. This system provides a perfect seal at virtually all ambient temperatures.

Air Circulation

4 sturdy feet are provided that allow 360 degree air circulation that provides a cool thermal air barrier under and around the box so the box can be put on hot metal ute trays, trailers or hot ground surfaces without effecting the performance of the box through rising heat under the box.

Heavy Duty Rope Handles

Dual Rope Handles, Heavy duty reinforced nylon handles with comfortable hand grips plus comfortable recessed carry ledge handles in the top body of the box lets you choose between the 2 options.

Tie Down Points

Tie down points are provided via the rope handles or the integrated points on the base of the box.

Fish Ruler

These Iceboxes have an Integrated ruler on the top of the lid that helps you measure your catch.

Basket and Dividers

The Signature Series is basket and divider compatible.


If you are in the market for the best ice box with outstanding ice keeping ability and structural strength . In nearly 30 years in this industry we have never seen anything in the world that comes close to this. Our new model is an Absolute No. 1 that Outperforms Fibreglass Ice box by Miles

The new Techni Ice Signature Series have taken nearly three years of research and development and have actually been designed to outperform every ice box in the world size for size including the high end America models.

Even the small 35 litres model has seven centimetres walls. That's twice as thick at least as most regular high end boxes. The walls are filled with very high quality P/U insulation that's injected at a very high pressure, so you've got an enormously well insulated box. There are grooves through the back of the box to ccommodate chopping boards in. They actually fits straight in the grooves and the grooves have been made wide enough and the right size to be able to put those nylon chopping boards in, They double as a chopping board or as a divider. And the lip around the top is for the basket. So you can actually have a basket in there and slide it the width of the ice box.

The design itself is a seamless design. All the latches on the front have been recessed so there is nothing there to catch. The inner seal is actually a refrigerator seal, like you would get on a home fridge. It's a gasket type seal and it actually seals onto a ridge on the box itself. On the outside of that, it's got another seal that seals the flat surfaces. What that does is basically create an airlock in the box, at virtually any ambient temperature you've got a perfect seal on the box. It's just another additional way of increasing the performance.

When you put the lid down it closes very solidly. It is a beautiful stable lid that is sealed all around and it's an absolutely airtight box. There are got two ways of carrying it. You've got a nylon handle with very thick rope which enable the handle to be above the top of boxes, so you don't hit your kunckles on the sides of your boxes. It's quite a solid rope and the handle again is a very comfortable handle that you can get your hand around, not a problem. It also has 2 comfortable carrying ledges built in to the top of the body of the boxes.

The FEET have been elevated up off the ground, and the reason we've done that is because a lot of ice boxes get carried around on the backs of [Utes] and put on hot surfaces on the ground, or concrete, and so on. By designing it so that it has 360 degree airflow around the box, you don't have issues with rising heat coming off of hot surfaces affecting the performance of the ice box. It's got very strong integrated hinges and has a locking facility. You can also use the quick release ratchets to tie it down on your boat or vehicle. 

One of the shortcomings of a lot of ice boxes, is when you go to drain your box. Usually the bung is higher than the base of the boxes. With Techni Ice coolers, you'll see the bung is lower than the base of the box, so that it drains completely and dryly. The bung is 50 millilitres. That's the size of a tow ball. You might wonder why you want such a big bung on an icebox. A box that can keep ice like this, is likely to leave you with very many big lumps of ice, after a camping trip to have to get out of the box. So you can empty the box quite (Even the bung is insulated). If you look through the bung hole you will see it is 7cm deep! That is the wall thickness. It's something you wouldn't normally see on a box. You can also put a fitting on that, that will give you a tap for draining. So you can have a water tap on there or a drain for a hose.

On the lid here you have a fish scale, along there and that of course, it just gives you a ruler. So there you have it. That's the 35 litres model. The Signature series is currently the best performing production ice box size for size in the world. The bigger size have even bigger walls and lids than the 35 litres model you are looking at now. If you want a serious ice keeping box, this is number one and it also has a unconditional life-time warranty.