Another product from Techni are these Techni Ice soft cooler bags. Now, anyone that has used regular cooler bags would know that they generally have very thin walls and thin lids and are not all that great at keeping ice or keeping things cold. This new cooler bag from Techni Ice has addressed that and actually has very thick lids, and very thick walls that would be least twice if not more in thickness than your regular cooler bags. They're also very high density insulation. So, those walls and the lids are very, very thick and solid. They put decent zips around them to address the problem where people get cooler bags with lousy zips and that break; these have really decent zip.

They've also got a pocket in the inside of this lid, so you can actually cut up one of your ice packs if you want to and, as you know, cold falls, so if you put some food in there, you just put your frozen ice packs in there, close it and you've got a radiant barrier in the top between your outside ambient temperature and your goods inside with your ice packs, running around the edge. Techni Ice packs are actually the same height as the wall.

Techni Ice cooler bags come with carry strap and carry handle, The strap which goes over the top which is adjustable. The material on the inside is a metalized polyester, so it's a high quality coating on the inside as well. On the outside, you've got 600D washable polyester, so it's certainly got some good materials. On the bottom, it's even got a protective base and rubber feet. It's a real decent cooler bag if someone wants to get a cooler bag that actually work. The other material is 13 liters but made exactly the same way with the really thick walls, thick lids, and again, you can either cut the ice packs up and put them in the top like that if you want, or you can wrap them around in the bottom. As it goes down, it gives a radiant barrier and away you go. That's how that works. If you want a great cooler bag, these are a great cooler bags with really good sized walls and good sized lids that actually work.